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Welcome To Ashton - India


Ashton products conform to the best international standards.

Our carding & spinning machine accessories - Condenser Rubbing Aprons, Condenser Tapes, Card Clothing & Flat Tops for revolving flat cards, Flat Transmission Belts, PU Round Belts, Light Duty Conveyor Belts, Pneumatic Tubes & other related products are exported to virtually every part of the world.

Improvement of quality to meet the most stringent demands of customers is constantly being done. Our sales team provides solution for specific demands with prompt after sales service.

We are very cost effective due to efficient production & sourcing systems. Our customers consist of market leaders & dedicated ones for over 50 years.

Ashton is proud to be a member of ITAMMA, NIBA and PHD Chamber of Commerce.

ITME 2016 Mumbai, India(3rd-8th December)